NSS UNIT - ( includes Blood donation Club. RRC, Consumer Club)

  • The National Service Scheme of our college was started in 1997 to build a sense of social responsibility through teacher and student involvement in constructive service with the motto of “Not Me but You”.
  • The NSS not only provides an opportunity for students to serve society but also helps them to develop their personality. A pivotal aspect of the NSS mission of the college is the advocacy for voluntary blood donation, underlining the significance of social responsibility.
  • It has been functioning effectively through inter-collegiate seminars on themes such as personality development, educating the youth on social evils like eve-teasing, camps and many other programmes. The Signature projects of the NSS unit of the college are the annual blood donation camp, Regular Annual NSS camps, and Village visits.
  • The Red Ribbon Club (RRC) functions under the NSS unit of the college as a voluntary initiative, providing students with a platform for immersive and educational sessions. It aims to foster the acquisition of practical expertise and knowledge, encouraging the adoption of safe and healthy lifestyles with an emphasis on health-seeking behaviours. RRC endeavours to empower students to volunteer for HIV & AIDS prevention programs, promoting awareness and contributing to a comprehensive approach to well-being.
  • The Consumer Club was initiated with the primary objective of raising awareness about consumer rights among students. Its mission is to educate students about standardization and certifications, shedding light on issues related to adulteration and product quality.