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Welcome to Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of Arts and Science(KRMMC) - A Jewel in the Heart of Chennai! For over seven decades, the Chettinad Group of Institutions have been synonymous with excellence in education. Known for its unwavering commitment to quality, discipline, and safety, KRMMC stands as a shining beacon of this legacy. Nestled in the art of Chennai, India, with holistic development as the core ethos, it's a place where dreams take shape.

With 25+ years of persevering eminence, we believe in empowering women through quality education. KRMMC offers an extensive array of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the field of arts and science mentored by dedicated faculties, cutting edge infrastructure and vibrant academic atmosphere.

  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • BCA Computer Applications
Post Graduate
  • M.Sc Information Technology
  • B.Sc Bio Technology
Post Graduate
  • M.Sc Bio Technology
  • B.Sc Visual Communication
  • B.Com General
  • B.Com Corporate Secretaryship
  • B.Com Accounting and Finance (Shift II)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Post Graduate
  • M.Com Bank Management

School of Information Science

Empowering the Digital World: The School of Information Science at KRMMC is at the forefront of empowering students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills in the world of information technology. With programs like B.Sc Computer Science, BCA Computer Applications, and M.Sc Information Technology, we equip students to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our faculties, comprising experienced professionals, ensure that students receive hands-on training and gain a deep understanding of computer science and information technology.


School of Bio Science

Exploring the Frontiers of Life Sciences: At the School of BioScience, we delve into the fascinating world of biology and biotechnology. Our programs include B.Sc Bio Technology and M.Sc BioTechnology, provide a strong foundation in life sciences and biotechnology. Our students engage in research, and hands-on experiments, and gain insights into the latest advancements in the domain. Our goal is to prepare future biotechnologists and scientists who will contribute to the technological enhancements in healthcare, agriculture, and beyond.


School of Media Studies

Unleashing Creative Expression: The School of Media Studies nurtures creativity and empowers students to communicate effectively through various media forms. With our B.Sc Visual Communication program, we encourage students to explore the exciting world of visual arts, journalism, filmmaking, and multimedia production. Our faculties, which includes seasoned media professionals, guides students in honing their creative talents and developing the skills needed for a successful career in media and communication.


School of Commerce and Management

Building Business Leaders: The School of Commerce and Management is dedicated to producing future business leaders and professionals. With a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including B.Com General, B.Com Corporate Secretaryship, B.Com Accounting and Finance (Shift II), Bachelor of Business Administration, and M.Com Bank Management, we offer a comprehensive education in commerce and management. Our curriculum is designed to impart both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the dynamic world of business. Our goal is to groom well-rounded professionals who are ready to take on leadership roles in the corporate world.

Key Features That Set Us Apart

At KRMMC, excellence is not just a word; it's a way of life. Here's what makes us exceptional:


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and modern classrooms that provide an ideal setting for learning.



Dive into a world of knowledge with our well-stocked library, which is a treasure trove of books across various disciplines.


Sports Facilities

We understand the importance of a healthy body and mind. Our campus offers excellent sports facilities to keep you fit and active.


Internship and Projects

At KRMMC, we believe in learning by doing. Our students gain real-world experience through regular internships with renowned companies.


Free Career Enhancement Programs

We go the extra mile to prepare you for the future. Our free certificate programs help you enhance your skills and stand out in the job market.


Pre-Placement Training Program

Our intensive pre-placement training program equips you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to ace interviews and secure your dream job.

Some of Our Prominent Alumni


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