Student Support Services

Students’ council gives an opportunity to the students to develop leadership and organising skills in carrying out activities and service projects.  The council coordinates with the Director, Fine Arts and their respective Departments in organising co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students’ council of the college functions with the Principal as its Patron and Director, Fine Arts as its coordinator.

Eligibility for students to become council members shall be as follows:

  • 75% attendance during each semester
  • 55% marks minimum in semester Examinations and no backlog of papers
  • Good conduct in the college as per college records.

Composition of student council includes President, Vice- President, Association Secretaries of various departments, Extension Services units, Arts and Culture, Sports and Library.

Students associations for various departments help to sharpen their skills and also expose their latent talent. The associations’ secretary work along with the students’ council to organise the events and programs. The associations organise intra, inter department and inter college technical and business fests.

Associations of each department help to

  • nurture organising Skills
  • develop leadership traits
  • build coordination and teamwork
  • bring out creative talent and potential


Literary Associations

  • Excalibre- English
  • Tamiloli- Tamil
  • Saawan- Hindi
  • Tarangini – Sanskrit
  • Egalite- French

Mathematical & Electronic Sciences

  • Brainmat – Mathematics
  • Electrosoc – Electronics and Communication Science

Computational Sciences and Information Technology

  • ICONS – Computer Science, Computer Applications and Information Technology.

Life Sciences

  • Prakriti – Microbiology
  • Genetricks – Biotechnology

Business Studies

  • FOCUS – Commerce
  • Benevolent Autocrats – Business Administration
  • Convergence – Corporate Secretaryship
  • Magnum Opus – Accounting and Finance ( shift 2)


  • Spectator – English
  • Vanavil – Tamil
  • RhimZim – Hindi
  • Gnanavani – Sanskrit
  • Matik Spark– Mathematics
  • Quest- Electronics
  • IT scoop – Computer Science, BCA and IT
  • Business studies – BIZTIMES ( General, BBA, B.Com Corp.Sec , B.Com Acc& Fin)
  • life sciences – UJJIVATI ( Microbiology, Biotechnology )


  • N- Dimensions ( Mathematics)
  • Bits and Pieces ( Business Administration)
  • Corpo Epic ( Corporate Secretaryship)


  • Quiz
  • Paper Presentations
  • DigiVitea visual presentations
  • Mind Mapping
  • Cross Word
  • Collage
  • Moot – Court
  • Read-a-thon
  • Mock meetings
  • Ethnic / Corpo Walk
  • Investment Planner
  • Best Manager
  • Management Games
  • Business Plan
  • Bazaar
  • Circuit Debugging
  • Project Expo
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Debate
  • Essay / Script writing
  • Adzap
  • Pot purri and many more

Extension service unit offer student’s opportunity to learn life enhancing skills through rendering services and outreach activities to the neighbourhood. Students have to maintain the services record during their period of study.

The various Extension service units are


Membership Details:

  • All the first year students are members of the YRC club.
  • All the second year students are members of the Nature Club.
  • Apart from being members in YRC and Nature club, each student should choose to be a member in either NSS or Rotaract Club for a period of three years.
  • Students, in addition, can join LEO club and Kalam club for Youth Development
  • Every extension service club is managed by a staff coordinator and all the extension services clubs’ functions are facilitated by the Extension services Director.
  • Each club has student coordinators and secretaries as well.
  • Each student should earn one credit in the final year under the code CES6Q for the community services rendered.
  • Every student must do some community based service for 40 hours in all the three years for obtaining the required credit.

Services and outreach activities of the units:

  • Annual Camps ( NSS unit)
  • RYLA ( Rotaract club)
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Nature Camps
  • Turtle walk
  • Bird Watching
  • Celebrations of festivals in old age home
  • Teaching poor students ( orphanage)
  • Scribe to Visually Challenged (impaired)
  • Walk-a -thon based on CSR
  • Village services ( Adopted)
  • Services to School ( Adopted)

Foot Prints – Alumni Association of KRMMC

The alumni of the college actively participate in all the activities of the college and are deeply involved in the development and progression of the institution.

They give guest lectures, motivational talks, suggestions for academic and co-curricular activities, sports.

They share their industry experiences with the current students in order to help them know the industry requirements and higher education opportunities.

Alumni of KRMMC meet every year on August 15th   at the college premises