Our College believes that Sports is an integral part of a students’ learning in collegiate education.  By competing in Sports a student apart from physical fitness learn skills such as leadership, time management and working with team towards a common goal.

As a part of sports activities the department provides coaching and conducts Sports events at the intra college level.  The department has been extending guidance and support towards conduct of various activities at different levels, i.e., District, Zonal and State level to promote all-round development of the students and unearth their talents.

Sports day is conducted every year since the inception of the Department.  Students of different departments participate in different games and athletic events who are grouped under six houses viz., Prithvi, Akash, Vayu, Agni, Jal and Mangalyan.


National Level M.A.M. Muthiah Kumarajah of Chettinad Memorial Tournament- Volleyball

Inter college tournaments- Kho- Kho, Throwball