The Internal Quality assurance cell was established on 13th July 2006 during the Post NAAC Period after the first cycle of NAAC Accreditation in 2005. Since its inception in 2006, IQAC of the college plays the vital role of facilitator for all the stake holders of education focusing on the goal of enhancing and sustaining quality.


  • To enhance and sustain quality for achieving excellence in all spheres of the institutional activities by integrating various components of the institution.
  • To inculcate quality culture in all quarters.
  • Collecting feedback from the students, alumni and parents.
  • Documentation of the various programs & activities.
  • Preparation of SSR & AQAR as per the guidelines of NAAC.
  • Organizing seminars/workshops and discussion forums at Inter & Intra institutional level on quality related issues and promote quality circles at all levels.
  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education to all the stake holders.
  • Facilitating the creation of Learner-centric environment conducive for quality education.
  • Ensuring quality in teaching learning & evaluation.
  • Adopt & Implement healthy practices periodically.

Chairman                                                      :        Dr P.T. Vijayshree

Director, IQAC                                             :        Mrs S. Ammani

Operations Head                                          :        Mrs. B. Nagamani

Criterion I                                                     :        Mrs. V. Geetha, Dr Deivannai Nagarajan and Mrs T. Gowri

Criterion II                                                    :        Mrs AnithaVinodhraj, Mrs R. Sangeetha  and Mrs N. Sumathy

Criterion III                                                   :        Dr. V. Sumathy, Dr S. Rega and A. Sheela

Criterion IV                                                           Mrs L.M. Shanthi and Mrs Kavitha

Criterion V                                                    :        Mrs L. Mathukrithigha, Mrs.V. Rajalakshmi and Mrs.S. Meena

Criterion VI                                                  :        Mrs C.K. Babini and Mrs V.Deepa

Criterion VII                                                 :        Dr. B. Hema and Mrs S. Vidya


Convener: Dr.P.T.Vijayshree, Principal

Co- Convener: Mrs. R. Selvi, Vice Principal

Director – Mrs. S.Ammani , IQAC

Heads of the Departments