NSS Unit was started in November 1997 to promote social consciousness, sense of responsibility, discipline & dignity to labour among students.

It aims to develop individuals in becoming responsible citizens, who are the driving force behind the transformation of society. This can be achieved by them with a consistent growth, productivity and gainful socioeconomic endeavor in the service of humanity.

The NSS unit of our college is one among the best colleges affiliated to the University of Madras. It helps the students to undertake activities and render selfless service through temple cleaning, rallies on social issues, awareness programmes and many more.


MOTTO“NOT ME BUT YOU”, reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service.

Signature Projects:

  • NSS Special Camp for a week in and around Chennai.
  • Blood Donation Camp.


  • Nearly 2000 books were collected for Madras university library on “NAAM KATRATHAI PIRARKU KODUPOM”.
  • Initiated the task of getting Voters ID for 300 students under the scheme “YOUTH FOR DEMOCRACY” in the year 2007-2008.
  • Conducts economic surveys every year in villages.
  • KAITHARIKU KAI KODUPOM–for the benefit of weavers of CO-OPTEX.

NSS Exclusive at KRMMC

Students are trained to enhance their personality through service by conducting competitions and awareness programmes. They engage themselves in serving the society and the needy in various forms by which they learn to develop a sense of responsibility and positive attitude towards life.

The students learn to gain the following traits:

  • Leadership skills
  • Organising ability
  • Service and Responsibility
  • Self Development