Dr. Meena Muthiah Centre for Entrepreneurship & Community Development

The College under the able patronage of Dr. Meena Muthiah, Secretary and Correspondent proudly launched a Research and Activity Unit named Dr. Meena Muthiah Study Centre for Youth Entrepreneurship in the year 2009 with a vision of “Turning Job Seekers In To Job Creators” and a mission of Empowerment through Entrepreneurship.  The centre aims to focus on Entrepreneurial Research and Training.


  • To foster and support Women Entrepreneurship.
  • To sharpen the Business Skills of Women.
  • To bridge the gender gap.
  • To empower women through education and training programs.
  • To pave for economic development of the country.

Research Oriented Activities:

  • To carry out research projects on related issues.
  • To explore the opportunities available for young entrepreneurs.
  • To publish papers on entrepreunial arena.
  • To organise seminars and conferences & to formulate entrepreneurship models
  • The forum extended itself with an ISR initiative in the form of Community

Development, Vocational Training and actively involves in research publications and training. From the year 2013-14 yet another venture of the forum Sahasra -Women Forum of KRMMC was started to execute activities related to women empowerment exclusively. The Centre associates itself with Lions Club of Mambalam, Sahasra and extension service units to conduct various activities.


The center has published three edited volumes of the books on Entrepreneurial Development with ISBN numbers.

Vocational Training program is provided to all first year students of our college.

The center also provides special training camps to underprivileged women of villages in and around Chennai.

Signature projects:

Women Entrepreneurship Carnival, ‘Pudumai Povaiyar 2013’ was organized in association with Lions Club of Mambalam and Women’s weekly magazine Aval Vikatan in which more than 700 women participated Mahila 2014 was organized to Celebrate Womenhood.

College Bazaar was held in association with Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation in 2014.

Vibrant Activities of the Center:

The center has been conducting workshops on jewellery making, paper bags making, saree printing, awareness programmes on entrepreneurship in association with BYST and India Trust.  Seminars on women entrepreneurship are organized periodically.  Students’ bazaars are organized on special occasion to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among students.