Secretary Message

It gives me a great sense of joy and responsibility to share with you   my vision towards Education that I have inherited from my forebears.

I had considerable experience in the field of education and when I floated the College (KUMARARANI MEENA MUTHIAH COLLEGE) my mind was preoccupied with a most important concern to preserve the rich tradition by offering education with the best of values, but not an education available across the counter.

Education, as I visualize, is not mere learning, but it is fused with national pride and patriotic values, making every student aware of our rich inheritance of culture and the greatness of our Nation. In different terms, making them more patriotic by inculcating in them human values, crossing the borders of religion, race and caste and imbibing them with real values that humanity is in need of. This is precisely where my institution stands distinctly different from others.

Our logo “STRIVE, SAVE AND SERVE” speaks about our commitment. The three “S”s that say ‘YES’ to value based education for which we stand for. To lead a meaningful life for oneself, for the society and the entire country, is the motto behind our logo – a flagship of value.

A value-based education, as I see it, is not a mere package of information to be carried but it also has to be applied practically. In reality, it has its legs on ethical tradition, culture and heritage all packed as one. We believe in enkindling patriotic values and a great sense of pride about our country. These are the bedrock of our educational system not just scaffolding to pigeon hole our outgoing graduates taking up profane jobs, but to make them more challengeable to face the global scenario. We extend our horizon by going a step farther, since we maintain a good rapport with the students who graduate and enter the portal of the wider world.

Our institution focuses beyond curriculum, a way to serve society in social service activities, community development work, sports, extracurricular activities like music, dance, theatre and holding internal competitions to nourish and nurture talent. Our students participate in competitions at State and National levels and have won laurels and brought honour to the institution.

In short, it is a temple of learning to live with knowledge, dignity and values. All these are possible only because of our committed staff. I am all praise for them. They give me and the students more than I ask for and on this I am pleased and indebted. They in fact breathe our values. Character-building is our hallmark with the hope of making life a paradise on earth.