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“Like the branches of a tree our lives may GROW in different directions yet our ROOTS remain as one”

Footprints – The Alumni Association of the college was started in the year 2001.
The participation of the Alumni in the activities of the college has improved considerably over the years. A committee consisting of one member from each department with a Secretary was formed in the year 2008 to oversee the activities of the association. This committee has been revamped in the meeting held on August 15th 2015.
Reunion day: 15th August at 9am
About the Association:
To build lifelong relationship with alumni in support of the college.

  • Facilitate two-way communication between the institution and alumni.
  • To provide a platform for the alumni to contribute their time, talent a
  • To unite all alumni in supporting the college, promoting its welfare and help secure a bright future for the College.
  • Involve alumni as a model to achieve institutional goals.

Reunion Day
To facilitate the participation of more number of students the alumni meet is held on 15th of August every year at 9am.

  • Reunion acts as a forum for exchange of ideas of alumni, faculty and the present students.
  • It helps to develop a database of all the alumni with information about their employment, employer and the nature of their present work.
  • The Alumni feedback system provides important inputs for modification and introduction of new add on courses based on the requirements of the present job market.

Alumni relations with the Institution

  • Provide feedback and counsel regarding the current needs of the industry.
  • Participate in the ISR activities of the institution.
  • Assist with student recruitment, both directly and indirectly.
  • Serve as a resource and talent pool for faculty.
  • Contribute towards the student welfare fund.
  • Institute awards for excellence in various fields.
  • Generate financial support for the activities of the college.

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