CFE promotes entrepreneurial eco-system inside the campus by providing necessary training and guidance to the budding student entrepreneurs.  The centre strongly believes that turning job seekers into job creators is a significant effort towards national development. The Centre is associated with National Entrepreneurship Network and Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Anna University and other centres stimulates entrepreneurial skills.

Functions of the Centre

  • To Conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness camps
  • To Conduct Vocation Training Courses
  • To Organise Specialised training courses
  • To Impart Training on Entrepreneurial Skills to the students
  • To help students with business ideas with needed resources.

Archis – The ED Cell of the college Centre aims to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship by inculcating entrepreneurial mindset among  students in campus and motivate them to become job creators by providing required training and support. It has both students and staff as its members.  All the activities of the ED Cell are conducted under the banner of Archis.

The centre caters to both research and activity unit – the research unit of the centre focuses to arrange seminars, conferences and publications based on entrepreneurship at various levels. The activity unit concentrates on the following which involves students and faculty in large number:

  • Organising Competitions
  • Organising Bazaar
  • E week Celebrations
  • Organising Entrepreneurial Games
  • Providing Training to underprivileged women & School children
  • Participation in workshops by students & faculty
  • Offer Entrepreneurship Training courses
  • Motivate students to prepare business plans and participate in workshops & Competitions

Want to be your own boss?

Reach us @ krmmcfe@gmail.com

Sahasra – Centre for Women Empowerment

CWE fosters gender equality economic well-being leadership qualities, health and safety measures among women both inside and outside campus.


Organise programme to enhance the self-confidence and self esteem of women folk of the college

Organise workshops, training programmes

Impart entrepreneurial skills to aspiring women entrepreneurs

  • Workshops, Seminars for nurturing intellectual and general development of women students
  • Health awareness programmes
  • Financial literacy programmes

Sahasra aims to create innovative and exclusive activities for women students. They are also given training on tailoring, embroidery, handmade products too. Regular programs for students conducted are Bazaar, Talent Showcase and displays of their products and exhibits.

Sahasra along with CFE tries to train women by conducting training camps. Women students of the college train these women and also provide support on small business activity in the community.

Women students are taken special care and are given counselling on their personal and health issues then and there. Various awareness programs and counselling sessions are organised where experts address the women on various important issues. Few of the awareness programs are the cancer awareness progress, Diabetes awareness, cleanliness and health consciousness. Students are also addressed on the self defense areas and on general societal happenings.