About the Department Theme :Micro truths and Macro thoughts

The Department of Microbiology is one of the departments instituted since inception of the college (1996). The department is marching towards its Silver Jubilee with the vision of ‘Health is Wealth’.
Prakrithi, the association of the department organizes workshops, seminars conferences which stimulates organizational skills among the students. The department also organizes industrial visits that provides them with exposure to the latest developments in the related industries. Students participate in out- reach activities like NSS camps conducting health surveys and performing skits to the villagers. Jenners club, initiated during 2016 with a motto of ‘Shot for Life’ concentrates on concept of “Prevention is better than Cure’ The club takes up new ventures every year as ISR initiatives under Health & Hygiene.
Aakrithi – Student’s department magazine is brought out every year with students’ articles.

Highlights of the department

• Recipient of Indian Book of Records for Longest Hand Wash Awareness Drive for the year 2018-19.
• Recipient of Best Department Award from the management for the year 2018-19.
• Students undertake research projects beyond curriculum, undergo internships in reputed laboratories
• The department is equipped with State of the Art laboratory with experienced and dedicated faculty.
• Produced University Ranks.
• The department conducts Green Audit of the campus.
• Offers optional Diploma course in DMLT as a value-add on course.
• Offers subject related Certificate Course for second years
• Faculty authored five text books on Microbiology and two laboratory manuals
• Training for solid waste management through Vermicomposting unit
• Tech hour -Students presentation on latest technological advancements
• Organizes Popularization of Sciences – Model Exhibition cum Competition and hands on training to school students to kindle interest in Life Sciences
• Jenner’s Club initiatives
o 2017-18 Awareness on Cervical Cancer & Prevalence of Common diseases
o 2018-19 Basic steps of Hand wash to primary school children as an ISR
o 2019-20 Menstrual Hygiene for school and college girls.
Hazards of Tobacco usage for boys as an ISR activity
• Advanced learners are encouraged to participate in workshops to enhance their skills.
• Many of the alumni are doctorates, well placed in prestigious institutions and pharma companies across the globe.
• Strong support from Alumni

Name of the Faculty
with Qualification



Area of Expertise 

1. C.K. Babini M.Sc., M.Phil.,

Head of the department
Assistant Professor

Medical Virology
Industrial Microbiology

2. Leena Merlin Biju M.Sc., M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Medical Bacteriology
Molecular biology
Food and diary Microbiology

3. Dr. Sanghamitra M.Sc., Ph.D

Assistant Professor


4. M. Asha Selva Malar M.Sc., M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Genetic engineering
General Microbiology
Soil & Agricultural Microbiology

5.A.Anandhi M.Sc., M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Molecular biology
Applied Microbiology