About the Department

The Department of English was started in the year 1996 since the inception of the college. B.A English Literature was started in the year 2007.
The department association EXCALIBRE encourages the students to bring out their hidden talents by organizing inter and intra department competitions. Students also participate in various inter collegiate fests .
The department publishes the magazine SPECTATOR to motivate the students to write articles.

Highlights of the department

• Dedicated and experienced faculty
• Student centric methodology of teaching
• The department organizes workshop, seminar and guest lecture to provide up-to-date knowledge in the field.
• Experiential learning through field trips for the students to get exposure on Print Media. Visits to various libraries.
• Screening of Video and Watch English movies for reviews
• Language Lab hours and library hours

Name of the Faculty
with Qualification



Area of Expertise 

1.Mrs. V.Deepa,
MA, MPhil

Assistant Professor

Post-colonial Literature, American Literature, British Literature

2.Mrs. Dhanya Praveen,
MA, MPhil

Assistant Professor

Indian Writing in English, Myth and Literature, History of English Language

3.Mrs. S.Vidya,
MA, MPhil, B.Ed.

Assistant Professor

Shakespeare, Modern English Grammar and Usage, Film and Literature

4.Ms. N.Nancy Poornima,
MA, M.Phil, B.Ed., MBA

Assistant Professor

Journalism, Language and Linguistics, American Literature

5.Ms. R.Suriya,
MA, M.Phil

Assistant Professor

Social History of England, Background to the Study of English Literature, British Literaure

6.Mrs. R.Durga Sailaja
MA, M.Phil, MBA

Assistant Professor

British Literature, Background to the Study of English Literature, Modern English Grammar and Usage

7.Mrs. R.Ramya
MA, M.Phil

Assistant Professor

British Literature, Myth and Literature

8.Mrs. Vidya Ramesh
MA, M.Phil (Ph.D)

Assistant Professor

Phonetics, Indian Writing, British Lit.