B.Sc. Microbiology

Computer Science

The department was started from the inception, since 1996. The department has committed and devoted staff members for more than 15 years. The department focuses o practical oriented skill based learning; promoting team work leading to excellence, Emphasis is laid on student’s active participation in teaching learning process. The department has 36 ranks to its credit. Around 20 of our alumni are Ph.D holders pursuing PDF across the globe. About 30% of the students are pursuing higher studies and research. Department highlights on promoting life science and its importance by reaching to school students through school oriented activities.

Contact Information

Faculties -

Mrs C.K. Babini, M.Sc., M.Phil., PGDND

Mrs B. Nagamani, M.Sc., M.Phil

Mrs Leena Merlin Biju, M.Sc., M.Phil

Dr. C. Sanghamitra, M.Sc., Ph.D

Association Activities

Microbiology, the Queen of Life Sciences, has a wide scope in medicine, research, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and industry. Prakrithi, the Association of Microbiology conducts variety of events to develop and bring out the talents of students in various related fields. The department releases its annual magazine “Aakriti” to bring out the innate talents of the students. Workshops for plus two students are organized on Basic Techniques of Microbiology. This creates awareness about life sciences, its scope & relevance and motivate them to take up the subject as a career option.

Guest lectures are organized on various topics beyond the scope of the syllabus, where eminent faculties from the discipline are invited. Biosciences Fair with a concept of Healthy Living – Elixir of Life, is conducted to enlighten the students about food sector, health and environment and to encourage them towards a balanced diet. Industrial visits are also oraganised frequently. Besides, events such as Health programs, Gender Sensitization programs, environment related ISR initiatives and career guidance programs are also carried out for the benefit of the student.


Semester 1

Language I

English I

General Microbiology

Biochemistry I

Semester 2
Language II

English II

Imunology & Microbial Genetics

Biochemistry II

Major Practical I & II

Allied Practical I & II

Semester 3
Language III

English III

Molecular Biology


Semester 4

Language IV

English IV

Soil & Agricultural Microbiology


Major Practical III & IV

Allied Practical III & IV

Semester 5

Medical Bacteriology

Medical Parasitology & Mycology

Medical Virology

Genetic Engineering

Semester 6

Environmental Microbiology

Food & Dairy Microbiology

Industrial and Pharmaceutical Microbiology


Major Practical V & VI