B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)

Computer Science

Since the inception in the year 2003, the department functions with the core aim of nurturing the students to compete in the competitive job markets. Students are encouraged to develop the skill of their choice in addition to the academics. The department strongly believes in the participative teaching-learning process. Every opportunity is given to the students with the aim of shaping the young and energetic minds in to responsible citizens. The Course has tremendous job opportunities and scope for professional education. The increasing demand for company secretaries indicates the demand for graduates from this stream. Various teaching methods like audio visual aids, discussions, presentations, seminars, guest lectures are organised to encourage active participation of the student community.

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Faculties -

Dr.B.Hema, M.C.S, M.Phil, CWA(I), M.B.A, Ph.D

Mrs. S. Geetha, M.Com, M.Phil, M.B.A

Ms. B. Sandhya, M.Com, M.Phil

Ms. H. Gomathi Harini, M.Com, M.Phil

Association Activities

The department’s association “Convergence” was inaugurated in the year 2005.  The department has a magazine titled “CDD” (Corporate Dimensions & Dynamics) and news letter named “Corpo Epic”.  The association activities aim to nurture the talents of students and conduct various events under different banners namely, Master Minds (Intra department events), Corpo-Zeal (Inter-Department Events) and Corpo-Challenge (Inter-Collegiate events).

The department has been a pioneer in organising many innovative events to kindle the student’s creativity and competitive spirits. Some of the events conducted so far are, Corpo-toons, Digivite, Triple C (Corporate Concepts in Cinema), Corpo-Quiz, Blink & Think, Investment Planning, Moot-Court, Best seller, Best manager, Mind Mapping, Biz plan, Case study, Corpo-Collage, Caption Catch, Corpo-Lines, Corpo-Lingos, 3C (Chennai Corporate Click), Corpo-thanthra, Art and Craft, Corporate Hair style, Pencil sketching, Master Chef-BCS), Corpo-connexions, Corporate crossword, Fruit logo carving, Corpo Collage, Management Games, Master servant disaster, AGM on Dias, Case Study, Best Secretary.


Semester 1

Language – I

English – I

Financial Accounting – I

Company Law & Secretarial Practice – I

Managerial Economics

Semester 2

Language – II

English – II

Advanced Financial Accounting

Human Resource Management

Business Communication

Semester 3

Language – III

English – III

Corporate Accounting – I

Company Law & Secretarial Practice – II

Statistics – I

Semester 4

Language – IV

English – IV

Corporate Accounting – II

Business Management

Statistics – II

Semester 5

Management Accounting

Securities Law & Market Operations

Income Tax Law & Practice – I

Commercial Law

Entrepreneurial Development

Semester 6

Cost Accounting

Indirect Taxes

Income Tax Law & Practice –II

Industrial Law

Institutional Training