B.A. English Literature

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The Department of English was started in the year 1996 when the college was founded. Later an under graduate course, B.A English Literature was started in 2007. It aims at providing value based education and imparting multicultural and multilingual dimension to the study of English language and literature. The vision of the department is to work towards a systematic approach fused with values and to make students globally competent and socially responsible. The mission is to bring students at par with industry expectations in English, to eliminate fear of the English language and to train the students in soft skills which are imperative in this technically advanced modern era.

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Faculties -

Ms. V. Deepa, M.A., M.Phil.,

Mrs. Dhanya Praveen, M.A., M.Phil.,

Mrs. S. Vidya, M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,

Ms. Nancy Poornima, M.A., B.Ed., M.B.A., M.Phil

Ms. T.D. Umamaheswari, M.A.,

Mrs. R. Subha, M.A., M.Phil., UGC (NET)

Ms. R. Suriya, M.A., M.Phil.,

Mr. Noor Mohammed, M.A.,( M.Phil )

Shift – II

Mrs. V. Jai Vasumathi Valli Rani M.A, M.Phil.,

Association Activities

The association EXCALIBRE encourages the students to bring out their hidden talents in both oral & communicative skills. It publishes yearly magazine “Spectator” to motivate the students to contribute their own  articles, reviews, short stories and poems as a venture to nurture their creativity. The Association organizes Guest Lectures by ELT consultants, Editors from various print media and resource persons from various colleges and universities, for the students to get more exposure. Screening of movies is also often done through the Association.

The Readers’ Club ensures the students to read vast books and instills more reading habit in them. Visits to places like British Council Library, American Library and various print media are arranged by the Department periodically.


Semester 1

Language – I
English – I
Elizabethan Age
Milton and the Neo Classical Age
Allied – An Introduction to the Social History of England

Semester 2

Language – II
English – II
The Romantic Age
The Victorian Age
Allied – An Introduction to the Literary Forms

Semester 3

Language – III
English – III
The Twentieth Century –I (Prose and Drama)
Modern English Grammar and Usage
Allied – History of English Literature- (1500-1798)

Semester 4

Language – IV
English – IV
The Twentieth Century –II (Poetry and Fiction)
History of English Language
Allied – History of English Literature- (1798-Present Day)

Semester 5

Shakespeare I
Indian Writing in English
American Literature -I (Prose and Drama)
An Introduction to General Linguistics and Communication
Elective: Post-Colonial Literatures in English

Semester 6

Shakespeare II
American Literature-II (Poetry and Fiction)
English Phonetics and Phonology
Elective: Indian literatures in Translation