Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy, B.A.,D.Litt.,

Secretary & Correspondent

Dr.(Mrs.) Meena Muthiah, M.A.,B.Ed.,D.B.M.,Ph.D.

(Kumararani of Chettinad)


Mr. P. Vijayakumar Reddy

Mrs. Preetha Vijayakumar Reddy

Dr. T. Raju – Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Madras.

Mrs. S. Amudha Lakshmi, Principal,Chettinad Vidyashram.

Miss. P.V. Madhavi, Former Principal, KRMMC.

Dr. P.T. Vijayshree – Principal, KRMMC.

Mrs. R. Selvi – Vice-Principal, KRMMC.

Mrs. Anitha Vinothraj – Dept. of Mathematics, KRMMC.

It gives me a great sense of joy and responsibility to share with you   my vision towards Education that I have inherited from my forebears.

I had considerable experience in the field of education and when I floated the College (KUMARARANI MEENA MUTHIAH COLLEGE) my mind was preoccupied with a most important concern to preserve the rich tradition by offering education with the best of values, but not an education available across the counter.

Education, as I visualize, is not mere learning, but it is fused with national pride and patriotic values, making every student aware of our rich inheritance of culture and the greatness of our Nation. In different terms, making them more patriotic by inculcating in them human values, crossing the borders of religion, race and caste and imbibing them with real values that humanity is in need of. This is precisely where my institution stands distinctly different from others.

Our logo “STRIVE, SAVE AND SERVE” speaks about our commitment. The three “S”s that say ‘YES’ to value based education for which we stand for. To lead a meaningful life for oneself, for the society and the entire country, is the motto behind our logo – a flagship of value.

A value-based education, as I see it, is not a mere package of information to be carried but it also has to be applied practically. In reality, it has its legs on ethical tradition, culture and heritage all packed as one. We believe in enkindling patriotic values and a great sense of pride about our country. These are the bedrock of our educational system not just scaffolding to pigeon hole our outgoing graduates taking up profane jobs, but to make them more challengeable to face the global scenario. We extend our horizon by going a step farther, since we maintain a good rapport with the students who graduate and enter the portal of the wider world.

Our institution focuses beyond curriculum, a way to serve society in social service activities, community development work, sports, extracurricular activities like music, dance, theatre and holding internal competitions to nourish and nurture talent. Our students participate in competitions at State and National levels and have won laurels and brought honour to the institution.

In short, it is a temple of learning to live with knowledge, dignity and values. All these are possible only because of our committed staff. I am all praise for them. They give me and the students more than I ask for and on this I am pleased and indebted. They in fact breathe our values. Character-building is our hallmark with the hope of making life a paradise on earth.

Principal’s message

From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome KRMMCian…

Under the dynamic leadership and guidance of our beloved Meena Aunty, the college has been committed to academic excellence with value based education blended with rich cultural heritage since 1996. With 10 under-graduate, 2 post-graduate departments in shift I and 2 undergraduate departments in shift II, it is one of the pre-eminent colleges in the heart of the city. A pleasant, encouraging and lively environment of KRMMC provides an amazing experience for the students in their quest for knowledge. We strive to establish an active learning atmosphere towards holistic development of each student to be self reliant, confident and globally competent.

Wish you all a happy and healthy future ahead.

God bless you.

Dr. P.T. Vijayshree

Principal,    KRMMC

Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of Arts andScience was founded in the year 1996, under
the dynamic leadership of Dr. Mrs. Meena Muthiah, Secretary & Correspondent, Kumararani of
Chettinad. The College aims to inculcate a sense of moral and cultural superiority of our
Nation in young minds, thereby making them responsible citizens to suit the national and global
KRMMC – to Enrich Knowledge, Enhance Skills and Empower growth of the students.

  • To give knowledge, power and self-reliance through education fused with National pride and patriotic values
  • To instill moral values with the best of education which is the backbone of our country’s progress
  • To train young minds to be globally competent and socially responsible individuals
  • To strive for the holistic development of the individuals

Planning and Development:

  • To provide good academic ambience with state of the art infrastructure to ensure that students are able to set and meet their goals
  • Incorporate undergraduate research and experiential learning into the curriculum
  • Provide value add on, skill based training and also employability skill development with good placement opportunities
  • Encourage students to become job providers through entrepreneurship training
  • To maintain gender equality with women empowerment programs
  • To provide quality and value-based education and develop self-reliant, competent and socially responsible individuals

Keeping in mind the Vision of the founder, the administration and management which comprises
of the trustees and council decided to aside the funds and provisions for the following:

State of the Art infrastructure:

  • Spacious classroom with good ventilation facilities, auditorium, seminar halls, audio visual rooms, excellent laboratories and library facility
  • To provide and upgrade Computer systems with high configurations, with internet connectivity in labs, library and departments as per the requirements
  • Provision of ground adjacent to adyar river for conduct of games, atheletic events and also spacious room for indoor games too.
  • Purchase of books, journals for library
  • To provide improved facilities during the development stage.
  • To provide green initiatives and make eco friendly campus

Teaching and learning Mechanism and Research opportunities

  • Provide good teaching learning mechanism for better understanding
  • Provisions for internet facilties for learning, online courses, language lab, commerce lab apart from regular computer labs, microbiology labs, biochemistry, biotechnology, media labs for photography, FCP, Audio and Video suite , Drawing labs for rich learning experience
  • Appoint well qualified and talented faculty with good pay and allowances
  • Encourage faculty to pursue research, to participate, present and publish research papers in conferences and in indexed journals.
  • Permit faculty to attend refresher courses, Faculty development programs to update knowledge in their respective field
  • Permit departments to do research projects by training the undergraduate students
  • Creating a platform of opportunities for advanced learners and support slow learners at various levels for academic enrichment
  • to provide for the accessibility of quality learning support services; and to monitor the academic and professional success of all students
  • Encourage academic excellence with proficiency awards and prizes for the students
  • Provision of scholarships for needy and required students.

Placement and Career Guidance :

  • Enhance employability skills by providing C2C- Pre placement training programs final year students, to have effective placement opportunities for all the students.
  • Provide value add on, skill based training according to the job requirements
  • Free Coaching for banking and competitive examinations for students
  • Providing career guidance for every discipline through industry connect
  • Industry institute interface in association with various departments

Encourage students to become job providers through entrepreneurship training:

  • Vocational training courses for all the first years
  • Special skill based training for Entrepreneurship skills
  • Conducts Entrepreneurship awareness camps
  • Research Seminars/Conferences/ Discussions based on Entrepreneurship
  • MOUs with training centers and organizations

Women empowerment

  • Seminars/sessions to enhance the self-confidence and self esteem of women of the
  • Organise workshops, training programmes for empowerment of women students
  • Impart entrepreneurial skills to aspiring women entrepreneurs
  • To make women students self reliant and confident.

Quality and value-based education and develop self-reliant, competent and socially
responsible individuals
The values of the institution work at various intervals to enhance the calibre of each and every
student according to their ability and to transform them into holistic individual. Each student
learns today to lead tomorrow, based on their capacity and skills.